Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

22. Loss Per Share

22. Loss Per Share
3 Months Ended
Mar. 30, 2019
Loss per share:  
Loss Per Share

Note 22:       Loss Per Share


Net loss per share is calculated using the weighted average number of shares of common stock outstanding during the applicable period. Basic weighted average common shares outstanding do not include shares of restricted stock that have not yet vested, although such shares are included as outstanding shares in the Company’s Consolidated Balance Sheet. Diluted net earnings per share is computed using the weighted average number of common shares outstanding and if dilutive, potential common shares outstanding during the period. Potential common shares consist of the additional common shares issuable in respect of restricted share awards, stock options and convertible preferred stock, including the Series A Preferred Stock.


The following table presents the computation of basic and diluted net loss per share:


    For the Thirteen Weeks Ended  
    March 30, 2019     March 31, 2018  
Basic and diluted            
Net loss   $ (2,028 )   $ (1,475 )
Basic / diluted loss per share   $ (1.20 )   $ (1.07 )
Weighted average common shares outstanding     1,695       1,375  


Potentially dilutive securities were excluded from the calculation of diluted net income per share for the 13 weeks ended March 30, 2019 and March 31, 2018, respectively. The weighted average number of dilutive securities excluded were 134 and 164, respectively for each fiscal year, because the effects were anti-dilutive based on the application of the treasury stock method. Shares of Series A Preferred Stock issued and outstanding are excluded from dilutive securities until the conditions for conversion have been satisfied. See Note 19.