Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Jul. 04, 2015
Debt Disclosure [Abstract]  
Long-term debt, capital lease and other financing obligations as of July 4, 2015, and January 3, 2015, consist of the following:
July 4,
January 3,
PNC term loan


Susquehanna term loans


2.75% note, due in monthly installments of $3, including interest, due October 2024, collateralized by equipment


Capital leases and other financing obligations




Less current maturities




On January 24, 2011, we entered into a $2,550 Term Loan (“Term Loan”) with PNC Bank to refinance the mortgage on our California facility.  The Term Loan is payable as follows, subject to acceleration upon the occurrence of an event of default or termination of the Revolving Credit Agreement: 119 consecutive monthly principal payments of $21 plus interest commencing on February 1, 2011, and continuing on the first day of each month thereafter followed by a 120th payment of all unpaid principal, interest and fees on February 1, 2021. If the Revolving Credit Agreement is not renewed, a balloon payment of $1,254 in principal plus interest and additional fees will be due on January 24, 2016. The Term Loan is collateralized with our California facility located in Compton, California. The interest rate is PNC Base Rate plus 2.25%, or 1-, 2- or 3-month PNC LIBOR Rate plus 3.25%. As of July 4, 2015, and January 3, 2015, the weighted average interest rate was 3.44% and 3.45%, respectively, which included both PNC LIBOR Rate and PNC Base Rate loans. As a result of our non-compliance with the terms of a financial covenant within the Revolving Credit Agreement we have classified the Term Loan with PNC as a current liability as of July 4, 2015.

On March 10, 2011, AAP entered into three separate commercial term loans (“Term Loans”) with Susquehanna Bank, pursuant to the guidelines of the U.S. Small Business Administration 7(a) Loan Program.  The total amount of the Term Loans is $4,750, split into three separate loans for $2,100; $1,400; and $1,250.  The Term Loans mature in ten years and bear an interest rate of Prime plus 2.75%.  As of July 4, 2015, and January 3, 2015, the interest rate was 6.00%.  Borrowings under the Term Loans are secured by substantially all of the assets of AAP along with liens on the business assets and certain personal assets of the owners of 4301 Operations, LLC. We are a guarantor of the Term Loans along with 4301 Operations, LLC and its owners. In connection with these Term Loans, Susquehanna Bank also has a security interest in the assets of the Company. In April 2015, the Company amended these term loans so that interest only payments could be made on these Term Loans for the balance of fiscal 2015. The effect of which will defer principal reductions in fiscal 2015 by $0.3 million.

In March of 2015, an entity controlled by the noncontrolling interest holders of AAP loaned AAP $325 through the issuance of promissory notes. The notes bear interest at an annual rate of 8%. In May of 2015, one of the March 2015 notes totaling $125 was repaid in full by AAP. The remaining note totaling $200 is expected to be repaid with the revenues expected during the fourth quarter of 2015 from the disposal of refrigerants through carbon offset programs.

Capital leases and other financing obligations:  We acquire certain equipment under capital leases and other financing obligations.  The cost of the equipment was $2,667 as of July 4, 2015, and January 3, 2015.  Accumulated amortization as of July 4, 2015, and January 3, 2015, was approximately $1,609 and $1,588, respectively.  Depreciation and amortization expense is included in cost of revenues and selling, general and administrative expenses.