Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)


12 Months Ended
Dec. 28, 2019
Leases [Abstract]  

Note 10: Leases

We adopted ASC 842 as of the beginning of our fiscal year. The adoption of this new accounting standard required us to recognize a Right of Use Assets for our operating leases of $1,600. The amount recorded is the present value of all remaining lease payments for leases with terms greater than 12 months. The right of use asset is offset by a corresponding liability. The discount rate is based on an estimate of our incremental borrowing rate for terms similar to our lease terms at the time of lease commencement. The asset will be amortized over remaining lease terms.

Using the modified retrospective approach with transition relief, we recorded operating lease right of use assets and obligations of approximately $1,600 and a $63 adjustment to retained earnings. Adoption of the new standard did not materially impact our consolidated net earnings or cash flows. The amounts recognized reflect the present value of remaining lease payments for all leases. The discount rate used is an estimate of the Company’s incremental borrowing rate based on information available at lease commencement. In considering the lease asset value, the company considers fixed and variable payment terms, prepayments and options to extend, terminate or purchase. Renewal, termination or purchase options affect the lease term used for determining lease asset value only if the option is reasonably certain to be exercised. See the Note 2 on Lease Accounting.

Total present value of lease payments as of December 28, 2019:



























Less interest





Present value of payments






During the year ended December 28, 2019, $1,284 was included in operating cash flow for amounts paid for operating leases.

Additionally, we obtained right-of-use assets in exchange for lease liabilities of approximately $1,400 upon commencement of operating leases during the year ended December 28, 2019.